What unique functionalities does IORIS offer?

Glen Forbes, IORIS Administrator for CRIMARIO II tells us about IORIS unique functionalities.

“Rather than the internal functionality, it’s what the overall platform presents the countries and agencies within any region across the globe; to be able to share information and to collaborate, incorporate at a deeper level than they have done at any other time. When you look at the functionality within the platform, what we provide, along with information exchange capability, is the vessel tracking, movements you can monitor, anything within the economic zones, but also checking of illegal fishing, being able to improve search and rescue and if there’s people smuggling or migrant movements across the seas. So IORIS provides something that has traditionally not been there on a collective basis but can improve the economy for all those zones, around any maritime area that you can think of. It’s all there for the use. It’s neutral, secure, ready for anyone to utilise as they see fit for what they need to do.”