IORIS : moving from situational awareness to situational understanding and action


The Indo-Pacific Information Sharing platform, developed and launched in 2018, is a neutral, reliable and user-friendly maritime information sharing tool, which enables coordination, cooperation and communications via a secure encrypted online environment. Its primary function, and valuable capability, is to provide maritime centres, organisations and agencies with a means to analyse, plan and coordinate maritime operations from the Western Indian Ocean, through Asia and Southeast Asia and across the Pacific Ocean to Latin America.
IORIS provides users with the unique capability to exchange operational information on a diverse range of maritime threats, in real-time. It connects domestic and international stakeholders to address the evolving challenges manifesting within the maritime domain.



The platform is accessible to authorised users, centres, administrations designated by partner countries, maritime centres, and regional organisations. So far, more than 55 countries and 90 agencies in the Indo-Pacific use IORIS. Countries and regional organisations interested in the IORIS platform can request access or further information by submitting an official request to KATIA MARONATI (