The ‘messages’ feature provides a permanent record of events that can be output to PDF for archiving or legal finish if required. A secure private chat feature is also available either one to one or group chat. The user creates the Private Chat and assigns the chosen users from the Directory. Users can pick up the chat once online.

AIS Data Filters

The AIS data is searchable for specific AIS markers based on the user’s current area of interest (AOI). The whole map and historic data may be searched (maximum 100 vessels displayed).


A dedicated mapping feature displays a scrollable and zoomable view of the entire globe. Information on the map is presented in layers that builds an operational view of the Area.
Map Layers are built on several layers, overlaid on one another, which includes:

  • Base Layer – displays Land options. Standard, Administrative and Satellite.
  • Exclusive Economic Zone Layers –displays boundary limits and EEZ colour-fill of zones.
  • Overlay Nautical Map – topographical information of the sea, navigational information for advisory purposes only.
  • Draft Markers – may be hidden by deselecting the option.
  • AIS Layer – provides current vessel position (updated every 15 minutes).
  • AIS Trace Layer – provides vessel historical tracks.


Skylight data generates events to identify suspicious behaviour that may be illegal or non-compliant with fisheries and other maritime regulations. Dark vessel rendezvous, satellite radar imagery with display of tracks and satellite frames.


The users can import and export all kind of documents and data (documents, templates, images, forms and data) where they have the required permissions in a safe and secure way. Users can easily add additional encryption if required, send for release, share, view documents, delete etc. Developing cases can be documented using pre- formatted reports to ensure a fast and efficient sharing of information.


Communities are groups of users with a shared goal, being it geographic, thematic, organisational or operation specific. IORIS tailor-made and dedicated community areas support the management of day-to-day information sharing, collaboration and monitoring of maritime safety and security operations in support of improving situational awareness and enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA).