What advantages does the fusion of SKYLIGHT and IORIS bring to the operational IORIS users?

Andrew Howe, Program Manager, Allen Institute for AI, tells us about the advantages of the fusion of SKYLIGHT data into IORIS.

“The fusion of SKYLIGHT data into IORIS really provides the user an opportunity to analyse a significant amount of data quickly and effectively to highlight interesting events that may be suspicious or potentially illegal and what it can be done with IORIS is to take this information and share it into groups with relevant parties who may need to address such events in different geographies whether it be the high seas or in a neighbouring EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) country; so the ability of IORIS is to be able to share this information confidentially with those in the necessary know, really adds value to SKYLIGHT data which is able to provide these insights but not that kind of component necessary to share this valuable information.”