In which way IORIS could be useful for the shipping industry?

Diego CÁNOVAS-CÁNOVAS, Advisor and Shipping Expert for the CRIMARIO II project explains us how IORIS can be helpful for the shipping industry.

“We understand the concerns and interests of the shipping industry and we try to speak the same language. Information sharing is key to getting a robust maritime domain awareness and also is key to providing warnings to the shipping industry. Therefore, for a military response to an incident, it will have very positive impact on the security of seafarers and cargos. So far we have seen a change of scenario not only in this region, in the Indian Ocean, but also all over the world. so The point is that we have information sharing platforms with the merchant community on one side, and other information sharing platforms with only law enforcement and navies. so We need to evolve in parallel with the maritime security scenario to face the new threats. For that reason, we have IORIS. It is a quite simple and very efficient platform, and we will have the merchant community and the military navies and law enforcement agencies together in the same platform. From CRIMARIO we want to say that we are fully committed to the safety and security of our seafarers. With IORIS, we are proceeding full ahead, and we are sure that company security officers will find this essential during the risk assessment of their fleets”.