How can IORIS help with Search and Rescue at sea ?

We asked Guillame Paroissian, IORIS trainer, how IORIS can help with SAR, and this is what he said. "The collection of information and the sharing of information are two critical elements in the successful completion of a rescue at sea.

In this sense, the solution that IORIS provides allows us to share information quickly, via all means and to all administrations. We have a very clear idea of the situation and of the evolution of a situation, and we can easily redirect our resources and we can have feedback on the ground, which is very important as we are a coordination centre and have no eyes on the ground. With an exchange platform such as IORIS, this information can be transmitted to us in real time and everyone has the same level of information. This is where IORIS allows us to save a lot of time; we don’t waste precious minutes, when it comes to human lives in danger, we don’t waste precious minutes by multiplying communications. A single message and all recipients will have the same level of information, which is very valuable in sea at rescue.”