How are partners trained on IORIS?

Bjorn Beirens, Senior IORIS Trainer for CRIMARIO II tells us how partners are trained on the IORIS platform.

“The training of IORIS is based on three different phases: the first phase is the foundation where we have the basic use of the platform. The trainees can start to see how to use the platform and they can see what the possible functionalities are. The second phase we have is advanced training, where we have some trainees that were part of the foundation training that will then be trained as area admin where they have more functionalities. Among these people that we then have trained in area admin, we select a few of them, a very limited number, who will then go on and become trainers. So we do train the trainer courses as third part of the training, where we teach people to train others in their country – so that we have continuity of the platform without having to intervene all the time and we give autonomy back to the people we have trained. “