Between the 4th and the 9th of November, CRIMARIO provided IORIS training to the Somaliland Coast Guard for the first time. Seventeen officials participated in the Foundation and Advanced courses, learning how to use the IORIS Platform, to communicate with other entities, exchange documents, use dedicated mapping features and AIS data, and other basic principles of the platform, which will support the decision-making process of their agency to tackle maritime threats.

Moreover, some officials learned how to execute more advanced functions such as importing data from other sources, creating layered image overlays to build a common picture, and providing statistics concerning the areas they manage.

Field officers from EUCAP participated in the training too, and will support the local Coast Guard on site, to the benefit of involved parties.

Lt Col. Khadar M. Isse, participating in the training sessions, highlighted the role IORIS can play in supporting regional cooperation: “ Since the Somaliland Coast Guard is the only maritime law enforcement agency in Somaliland, the IORIS system will help us to share information with our neighbouring countries; using it we can get reliable information and participate in joint maritime operations in the region, as we can get and share information with other agencies working in the neighbourhood country.

Similarly, IORIS will help us better implement our daily work. The system facilitates coordination and communication among assets by sharing secure information from the various Coast Guard Sectors when needed.”

Closing the training, Admiral Ahmad Hure Harriye signed the IORIS Partnership Agreement on behalf of the Somaliland Coast Guard, which became an official user of IORIS, joining the IORIS community, which comprises more than 55 agencies from over 25 States in the Indo-Pacific.

During his speech, Admiral Harriye pointed out the need for starting information sharing and cooperation in the Gulf of Aden, especially since there are several criminals and terrorist that takes advantage of the lack of Maritime Domain Awareness in The Gulf of Aden. “Thank you, CRIMARIO, for providing the training and allowing the Somaliland Coast Guard access to the Indian Ocean HUB with all the other countries in the Indian Ocean. Together we are stronger!”.

CRIMARIO congratulated all trainees and confirmed it will stand ready to support Somaliland Coast Guards in the future.