On the 13 of June, the New Zealand Ministry of Transport, representing the 11 agencies of the New Zealand Maritime Security Oversight Committee signed a partnership agreement with CRIMARIO. This agreement aims to facilitate communication, coordination, and collaboration at sea at both national and regional levels.
Both parties recognise the need to enhance Maritime Domain Awareness in the Indo-Pacific region through information and data-sharing.
The partnership was signed by Audrey Sonerson, Chair of the Maritime Security Oversight Committee, Secretary for Transport and Mr. Martin Cauchi Inglott, Project Director of CRIMARIO.
European Union Ambassador to New Zealand H.E. Lawrence Meredith commented: “As a maritime security provider, the European Union is committed to strong partnerships and information-sharing. We are delighted to step up cooperation with New Zealand in and with the Pacific region. IORIS is a high-value tool that offers support to countries across the Indo-Pacific region to improve maritime domain awareness.”
Audrey Sonerson, representing the New Zealand Ministry of Transport, remarked:  “This partnership marks a significant step forward in our efforts to enhance maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region. We are confident that the collaboration with CRIMARIO and the utilization of the IORIS platform will strengthen our ability to monitor and coordinate, ensuring safer and more secure seas.”
Martin Cauchi Inglott, CRIMARIO II project director, concluded: “We welcome New Zealand, which formally joins the IORIS community; as of today, it counts more than 90 civilian and military agencies from over 45 countries across the Indo-Pacific, from the Western Indian Ocean, through Asia and Southeast Asia and across the Pacific Ocean. IORIS will support New Zealand agencies to implement their mandate, providing a framework to exchange operational information, and connecting in real-time, domestic and international stakeholders to address the evolving challenges in the maritime domain.”