Between the 10 and 14 of July, the Latin America Regional Exercise (LA REGEX) was carried out in Peru and Ecuador, coordinated respectively by the Lima Coast Guard Headquarters Command and by the Guayaquil Coast Guard Headquarters Command.

During the exercise, which involved personals from both countries, different scenarios were implemented, from search and rescue, to fighting maritime pollution, illicit drug trafficking and illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU).

IORIS was the tool used to share information among the different participating agencies.

In the words of Lieutenant Commander Miguel Navarro, Deputy Chief of the Information Fusion Centre for Latin America, Lima: “Today we conclude the first regional exercise for Latin America using the IORIS platform, through which we have been able to exchange real time information both at national and international level. The interagency coordination of the national Captaincies of different offices of the Coast Guard Command and different actors and Coast Guard units has been strengthened using the platform; moreover, we maintained a continuous and uninterrupted exchange of information through IORIS with our colleagues from the Ecuadorean Navy. I’d like to thank Diego Ron, representative CRIMARIO II project and IORIS for his constant presence and support. He has been able to provide us with his knowledge and help during today exercise, which gave excellent results of operations. I’d also like to thank the Ecuadorean Navy for its participation and dedication and professionalism during the exercise. “

Lieutenant Shunji Osawa, from the Ecuadorian Navy added: “The REGEX exercise for Latin America has been carried out in a thorough way, thanks to the exchange of information between the Peruvian Navy and the Ecuadorian Navy (…) dealing with maritime emergencies such as search and rescue (SAR), maritime pollution, illicit drug trafficking and Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated fishing (IUU) by Ecuador and Peru. IORIS facilitated the exchange of information, which was the main benefit provided by the platform during the development of the Exercise.”